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Founded by visionary, designer, and builder, Elyse Kane - part artist, part gypsy and entirely passionate about creating inspiring spaces.  Having grown up in New York, Paris, Tokyo, Madrid and Jakarta, she prefers living in remote and wild places while frequenting metropoles worldwide, and brings the best of what design has to offer wherever she goes.  

The sophisticated kin of the art cars that roam Black Rock City (a.k.a Burning Man), the Lux Lounge portfolio of trailers is her calling to bring the party to you. Starting with nothing but the desire to share the joy of her own personal vintage Airstream camper, she set out to create a business with the imprint of authentic self-expression, and invites others to radiate their own joy within the embrace of iconic mobile venues. With the personal values of freedom, creativity and community, she has the on-going support of a talented team of mentors, event vendors, artists, craftsmen, music-makers, media mavens, and spirit guides who all make the experience of Lux Lounge so great.  

Here at Team Lux, we love to collaborate to help create the best party ever! Lux Lounge is fully insured to handle any size event, and certificates of insurance are available upon booking.


Every event is unique and pricing varies depending on which trailer and features you chose, as well as the duration, location, number of guests and complexity of your particular event. To give you an idea, daily rentals rates typically range from $750 to $1,800. Separate rates apply for multi-day rentals, marketing tours. Additional fees apply for special customization and design requests, and delivery depending on location.   

Send us an e-mail at hello@yourluxlounge or call us at 307.413.3903 so we can tailor a package quote just for you.

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