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According to a 2018 State of Experiential Marketing Study, 94% of consumers are more likely to remember a brand after an interactive experience with it.

Take your brand on the road with Lux Lounge! Lux Lounge helps create relevant buzz around your brand. Lux Lounge helps your company build brand awareness and a loyal community around your product or service. Team up with Lux Lounge for your mobile campaign events. Lux Lounge enables your brand to engage directly with consumers in a memorable and entertaining way. Our mobile brand activations are inclusive and interactive - igniting the fire that lights the way for people to find your company and align with your purpose. Lux Lounge is the ultimate mobile venue experience.  

As a pop-up shop, the ephemeral limited time experience feels exciting and engaging for the consumer. Whether it’s at a music festival, a high-end sporting event, with the Lux Lounge as your mobile venue your brand can show up anywhere and connect with whatever demographic you’re targeting. Lux Lounge offers that special social experience and can “pop-up” just about anywhere!

With the digital photo booth option, Lux Lounge inspires social media interaction around your event and/or brand. Delight your guests and consumer audience with:

  • Easy to use branded share screen and customized photo-overlay

  • Unlimited digital stills or GIF photos

  • Social media uploads and photo gallery

  • And for our corporate clients:

  • Retrievable emails and/or phone numbers for remarketing campaigns 

  • Photo engagement tracking with analytics

Rentals are available for daily, multi-day and monthly mobile marketing tours including:

  • Product sampling and demonstrations

  • On-location store promotions

  • Street and event merchandising

  • Trade show and convention events


Contact us with details of your promotional event or tour for a custom quote. A contract is created and signed. We deliver and setup the trailer at your chosen location(s). Load in your merchandise or hospitality items, and digital/print collateral. Choose the optional of additional branding with an exterior vinyl wrap of the trailer, boosting your advertising while it is a rolling billboard. Gain even more digital visibility with the optional photo-booth for augmented social media buzz.

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