Interior Style

LuxAgogo was fully customized for pure entertainment in luxury. Directly in the middle of the floor space is the command center of the space where catered beverage and food service is possible; 2 full sized ice bins, refrigerator, glass storage, and plenty of space for movement and flow. We accounted for 2 bartenders serving your guests through the service door. The service area is flanked by 2 lounge spaces capable of comfortably seating up to 7 people in each space. Each has their own entry door as to not interfere with the beverage and food service providers.


 "Luxury + as much as you like, to your heart's content, galore is luxagogo"

The interior space can be custom decorated to suite you particular event or greater venue space. Pillows, curtains and wall decor can all be changed to match your theme. All wall and seating space woodwork is mahogany and the floors were repurpoused pallet oak stained and finished to bring in the elegance.

The trailer also has full climate control consisting of roof top venting, openable windows, air conditioning and central heating; your experience in comfort is our top priority. Lighting and sound has also been a huge consideration for the service area and lounge space. During the day natural light rules, but when the sun goes down the colored LED lights come out and the 10 speaker, 1000 watt sound system takes over. Put on those chill vibes and enjoy yourself with the best of company.

To capture those memories we also have a photo booth option as an accessory that fits into the rear lounge space or can be brought to outside.

Exterior Style

square outside bar.png
square bride outside.png

Pure bling is obvious with LuxAgogo. This unique aluminum trailer spent close to 75 human hours getting buffed and polished to a brilliant shine. The service door is certainly an eye catcher and brings the unique interior service space to the outdoors. The service door is fitted with a brilliant redwood bar surface for serving. Exterior speakers and lighting project the party to your outdoor company. And the white, black, silver exterior color combination works seamlessly with any theme; why...? Because they're classics.